Are you planning a (true) 21st Century Medical Library?

As President of the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries, I invite your new medical school to send a representative to a symposium that is focusing on the development of new academic health sciences libraries.  AAHSL has recognized the importance of supporting new schools as they begin to plan and develop the libraries that will support their students and faculty.   These new libraries are redefining services and resources in a digital world and creating different visions of how libraries support their medical schools.

On June 25-26, the AAHSL New Academic Health Sciences Library Symposium will be held in Orlando, Florida.   AAHSL is bringing together representatives from new schools to discuss the planning needed for the LCME process for library services and resources, discuss experiences and challenges, and share their vision of the medical school library.  While the meeting is primarily intended for library directors, we also welcome faculty or administrators who may be responsible for the early planning of libraries at your institution.   Because this is a priority initiative for AAHSL, the association has provided funding to help cover the costs of the symposium in order to keep registration and travel costs low for participants.

In order to finalize our planning, we must have an initial indication of how many people will be attending from your institution.  By April 11, please email our meeting organizer Jacqueline Doyle at and let her know if you plan to send one or more representatives to this meeting.

Please ask the person(s) planning library services at your institution to complete this brief questionnaire, found at; the input received will help guide the final content and agenda for the meeting.

We hope that your institution will be able to participate in this important meeting.


Gary Freiburger, President


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